A ship called Satoshi, with 777 cabins is preparing to undertake a journey from Greece to the Gulf of Panama. There, it will have the mission of making every bitcoiner’s dream come true: to develop a lifestyle as a digital nomad, while its entire economy revolves around Bitcoin.

A group of naval engineering entrepreneurs have discovered a new niche to operate in, now that the recession caused by the pandemic is hitting the tourism and cruise industry hard. “From adversity comes opportunity,” they say in a press release issued today, in which they announce their new project. It consists of developing a whole floating technological center, where it will be possible to live in a sustainable way, with Bitcoin as the main character.

The ship’s 777 cabins will soon be available for permanent living or vacation rentals. In this small floating city, all services and goods can be paid for with bitcoin. Facilities include three restaurants, a casino, two cafes, three bars, two swimming pools, four whirlpools, a water park and other social areas.

The ship will not only offer a different way of living, but also have a whole ecosystem conducive to research. “MS Satoshi will become an incubator for innovation and entrepreneurship. It will be a meeting place for digital nomads, crypto-currency enthusiasts, expatriates, researchers and entrepreneurs,” the communication clarifies.

Ocean Builder, a company that builds floating houses for sailors, has already opened the register for the commercialization of the cabins. The company announced that 200 of these cabins will be available in the first round of an auction that will begin on November 5th.

According to the publication, the cabins have a tentative price of between USD 25,000 and USD 50,000. The boat, with capacity for more than 2000 people, will be ready for residents to move in early 2021, once the project is completed.

The Satoshi cruise ship is still a project, but it is believed that it can be inhabited by January 2021. Source: Ocean Builders / ocena.builders

The ship was formerly a cruise ship called the “Pacific Dawn,” whose parent company P&O, Carnival Corporation, recently decided to sell it after its business was affected by the coronavirus pandemic, as detailed by a specialized marine news media outlet.