There are several rates, so there is no fixed cost per kwh. There are 5 BT (Low Voltage) rates There is the BTS (S: Simple) which is subdivided into 3: BTS1, BTS2, BTS3. The BTD (D: with Demand) and BTH (H: Hourly). For residences, the first 4 apply and the way of being in one of them is automatically calculated by your consumption.

Costs of the II semester 2020 Naturgy: ASEP - Electric rate II semester 2020

  • All BTSs pay $2.80 for 0 to 10 kWh (fixed charge)
  • BTS1: Consumption less than 300kwh: $0.1486
  • BTS2: Consumption between 301 and 750 kwh: $0.1486 per 290kWh and the rest at $0.1944
  • BTS3: Consumption over 750kwh: $0.1486 per 290kWh, $0.1944 per 450kWh and the rest at $0.2282
  • BTD: Your 15-minute sustained demand over a number of days exceeds 15kW: $0.1474 per kWh, but $12.65 per kW of demand (one plant)
  • BTH: At night (6 PM to 6AM) 0.1494 per kWh and $1.70 per kW of demand Day (6AM to 6PM) $0.2201 per kWh and $13.37 per kW of demand. This rate is good for industries that operate at night, and must be requested from the electric utility.

There are other rates for Medium voltage and High voltage, which you can see here: