My experience obtaining a “carnet de salud” happened 2 years ago:

For the white card you go to an early health center with a urine and stool sample. I arrive at 5 am at the health center in lefevre park and I eat number 13. You arrive and there is a special line for the health card. You begin by registering yourself and start doing blood tests, urine and stool analysis, dental check-ups, vaccinations, among other things that I don’t remember clearly. This whole process took about 10 hours. I left the health center at 3 pm.

For the green card I found a private company that is dedicated to carry out the procedures. Right there they tell you what to bring, you go and listen to a talk, they give you an exam about the talk and a brochure that they give you, they take your picture, you pay and they give it to you in less than a week.

Nowadays, with the subject of covid I do not know how things have changed, I advise you to first ask at a health center so that you do not go for the pleasure. I hope this helped you!

As a food handler, epending on the location, gender, age, nationality, marital status: the price and time may vary making the procedure. Call the number 311 or call the nearest Minsa or call the headquarters: 6997-2539/800-6467 (they are office numbers but take time to answer)

At the headquarters of lefvre park were 12 daily quotas for Covid

Ask which location closest to you makes the white and maybe which other location makes the green

If you are a foreigner your papers are up to date.