A user asked:

What’s up! Well I have a doubt about which engineering to study, personally I prefer the side of electricity and mechanics (I have a degree in electricity and my father taught me a lot of mechanics) however, I would like to know which of these (or any other engineering) is better paid and which has more chance of getting a job or demand.

I recommend you electromechanical engineering. It is so broad that you have many options to specialize, plus you will have both qualifications (as a mechanical engineer and as an electrical engineer). You have a great job advantage (companies are looking for electromechanical engineers instead of electrical and mechanical engineers). In addition, it is a career that is expanding internationally. If in the end, you choose this one, I recommend you to ignore the comments that say you are going to kill yourself or that it is very difficult. And if you are told that a teacher is very difficult, ask why it is very difficult: it is true that there are teachers who are biased when they pass someone, but most of the time, the teacher teaches very well and demands a high level, only most of them don’t achieve that level. I’m doing my thesis and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.