The Dominican technology platform Evergo has a goal of installing 500 electric charging stations in the Dominican Republic and another 500 in Panama before the end of 2021. It will be the most sophisticated and largest network in our region.

International network of loading points

These stations will be self-service, through an application, available in App Store and Google Play, through which the user will be able to consult the nearest charging station, plan his route, book, pay through a virtual wallet and start charging.

The modern network will include two main types of chargers: “semi-fast” or level 2 and “super-fast”, level 3, up to 50 kW.

In addition, the company says Evergo customers will have access to the first international electric charger interconnection network, which will provide the ability to use the same application in different international markets, including the United States.

About Evergo

Evergo is a company of the InterEnergy Group conglomerate, which built and manages the Penonomé wind farm, the largest in Central America and the Caribbean. In the Dominican Republic they already have more than 150 loading points available.

With an extensive network of charging points and more attractive tax incentives, it won’t take long for electric mobility to take off in Panama.