A user asked:

I’m thinking of acquiring the service but it’s worth it, I mean, they have so many new movies and how are they in the United States?


The catalog that it has is quite good, they have some premiere and there are series that Netflix LatAm does not have like The Office, etc.

If you have Amazon Prime (from amazon.com) you can combine it to Prime Video, you just have to place your Prime Video account to the Panama region and that’s it.

User Comments:

Well that depends on the tastes, in my case the only good thing I have found in Amazon Prime has been the boys and the neon demon, I love that movie. Aside from Netflix I love many of their original series (Dark, Bojack Horseman, the witcher, Castlevania, Girlboss, the Haunting of Hill House), as well as some I wanted to see and well there they had them (glee and Twin peaks). About the movies, I feel that most of the movies made by Netflix are bad, with very low acting quality and bad script, but every now and then a little jewel comes out (Annihilation, Gerald’s Game, Veronica).