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What is PO Box?

If you have a credit or debit card you can order something online and use the address of these services in Florida, then they send it to Panama where you pay them for that service. They are popular because the postal system is a complete disaster and the prices of these PO Boxes are not expensive (less than $3 per pound and most of the things you order weigh 3 pounds or less), in fact most of them do not require a monthly fee, they just charge you when your package arrives to Panama.

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Known PO Box Services in Panama

  • Fast Box PTY: I can only say that the Coronado branch is where I retire. The price is quite accessible, 3.50, being that I retire here vs others that I must pay 7 dollars in additional Uno Express to the brought one and above to look for somebody that retires it in the city and puts it to me in Uno Express. With them I save all that. The packages take me between 1 to 2 weeks to arrive in Coronado, which again is not so bad since with the Uno Express method I have delayed up to 1 month in receiving a package depending on the person who picks it up in PTY. The communication is bad enough, I see that on Instagram they have the comments disabled and their whatsapp networks collapsed. Although in my case I only asked them one question in the mail at my branch and they responded on time. Here in Coronado they are quick to deliver the packages since it is only a very small space, in Vista Hermosa in the capital I have read that people must line up and the place is super small. A big problem they have is that they don’t let you know when they receive the package in Miami, only when you can pick it up at the branch, so if the package never arrived it will take you weeks to realize it. Another negative is that they don’t make returns, so if you don’t like what you received or it is damaged, you are going to have to watch how you return it with another company because they are not going to do it (in that sense Mybox Express gives you free returns of up to 5 lbs)
  • Panama NetBuy: No credit or debit card required. They do the shopping for you.
  • Hot Express
  • Mail Boxes ETC: In my opinion, they have good service, respond quickly to emails, handle cases of packages held up by customs (for an extra $$) and the delivery of packages is fast. They don’t charge for volume of packages which makes them somewhat cheaper on large packages vs. companies that charge a mix of volume and weight.
  • Miami Box: They only charge by weight.
  • Priority Express: Only one office available in Panama City.
  • Portex: They deliver within the capital city.