They lost 2 out of 4 helicopters and 4 men were wounded out of 23~ during the operation, they succeeded but it didn’t go very well all things considered.

They got very very lucky the VIP didn’t die when his helicopter was shot down.

panamaspace 3 days ago 3 points Recuerda que estos venían a sacarse el clavo de su ridícula “invasión” a Granada.
panamaspace 3 days ago 6 points So, the blunt operation that caused many unnecessary deaths.

There is zero percent cool nothing about this photo no matter the Hollywood caption.

Enmanuelben 3 days ago 2 points Noriega also caused many unnecessary deaths.
ptyblog 3 days ago 9 points Don’t forget who backed him for 25+ years until they didn’t any more.
winry 3 days ago 4 points Two wrongs don’t make a right.
rmk556x45 3 days ago 0 points Personally, I think late 80s CAR15 and BDUs are sexy af but that’s just me….
AnonymousPhillyCuck yesterday 2 points The pinnacle of the operator look IMO.
rmk556x45 yesterday 1 point True story
katsgegg 3 days ago 3 points I found this podcast, that tells the story of how all this started. I have only heard 1 episode, and to be clear is from only the perspective of the FBI agent where this all started in a squeezy bar in the States.

Worth the hear: