Sightseeing in the capital

Casco Viejo is one of the main points of visit in Panama City. It is the place where Panama City was founded again after its destruction by the pirate Henry Morgan in 1671. It is characterized by its combination of Spanish and French colonial architecture.

In recent years it has undergone numerous restorations and preservation works, which has attracted much tourism and commercial activity. In its streets you can find numerous restaurants, bars and hotels, perfect to spend a pleasant time in the city.

Points of interest

  • Historical: Plaza Mayor, Plaza Bolívar, Plaza Herrera, Plaza de Francia, Metropolitan Cathedral, National Theater, Santo Domingo Convent (Arco Chato), Presidency of the Republic, Las Bóvedas.
  • Restaurants and Bars: Relic Bar (popular with foreigners because of the hostel), Casa Jaguar, Donde José, Jeronimo, Tántalo, Danilo’s Jazz Club, La Buat, Atelier, Duke’s, Finca Del Mar, La Forchetta, Rana Dorada, Segafredo, Cedros, Manolo Caracol.
  • Lodging: Casa Sucre, Magnolia Inn, Tantalus, American Trade Hotel, Canal House, Hospedaje Casco Viejo, La Cigarra, Las Clementinas, Luna’s Castle, Hotel Casa Nuratti, Stanford Hotel.
  • Stores: Indigenous Art Gallery, Diablo Rosso, El Guayacano, Montecristi, Souvenirs La Ronda.
  • Museums: Museo del Canal Interoceánico, Museo de Historia de Panamá, Casa Museo Endara

Location via Google Maps Panama’s Old Town in Wikipedia Old Town at TripAdvisor

Note on parking lots:

There is a public parking lot outside (in front of La Mayor Night Club), right at the entrance of Casco Viejo. They used to let you use it, I have no idea if they still do (watch out on the daytime from 8 to 5).

Unfortunately, there is no safe parking. It is recommended to go in selective transport (InDriver, Cabify, Uber). It’s not worth getting your car scratched or crashed. - credit to u/nonakis.